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  • The technology had been developed a lot nowadays and all are using the latest technologies to play their latest type of games and they enjoy themselves and make other also happy. Many companies had come forward with the new ideas to develop the latest mode for which you can able to play the game through that in the easy way. All would like to play only the new type of games and they are fond of buying all the new cards and devices and they try to play that game. Such kinds of game with the new features are available in your R4i card game.

    By using the R4i you can able to play all the game by using a single micro SD card and the R4i gold card is also simply known as the R4 card or the R4 DS card.

    The R4i card is very easy to use and it is a portable device so that you can able to carry this card where ever you want.

    You can play all the complexity game by using the graphical user interface game and win the game easily.

    If you need some other new game then it is easy for you to download and play in the R4i card and it is also easy for the user to play.

    The all the thing you need is your internet access through that you can load all the online free games in your R4i card.

    The easiest device that would adapt for the entire place is the R4i card

    The R4i game is easy to use and it could be easily adapted to all the places and location by itself and cost wise also it is very low when compared to the other devices. It is very easy to insert and operate in the devices or in your personal computers. The all you need is only the R4i card reader.

    You must insert your micro SD card into your card reader after that you have to connect the reader with the USB port and connect to your laptop. After connecting you have to open the folder in the micro SD and that would contain all the required details which you have to copy all the details in your drive and then install the R4i gold 3ds wood.

    Then you must copy the entire content file that had been present on the kernel folder and then you have to drag all of them into your root micro SD. Then insert your micro SD card into the R4i gold.

    By using this R4i you can able to play all your favorite games at any location that you want and all that you want to do is that you have to choose your game for playing Through this r4i you can also improve your knowledge by playing some kind of the puzzle and mine games. If you are fond of playing the adventurer games then you can also play those games in your device by using R4i.

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  • Star Wars: Battlefront has been released nearly a year ago and it was a massive success; although, the population of the game has since been slowly declining.

    I think, you could attribute it to the fact that Blizzard’s Overwatch is now the first-person genre’s poster child.

    Anyway, Star Wars: Battlefront has had a lot of interesting pieces. You can play as iconic characters and a lot of Star Wars fans really love this hoverboard skate.

    The game’s developer, DICE, has not added some definitive DLC content that would entice a massive pool of Star Wars fans, though.

    That will probably change in the near future as DICE and EA has unveiled a new DLC content that will feature the iconic Death Star.

    For the people who do not know, the Death Star is a space installation that sports a massive weapon and can house the Imperial fleet without any problems.

    And no, we’re not talking only about a hundred imperial soldiers; we are talking about thousands of them in the Death Star.

    Since the game’s launch, a lot of fans were wondering if DICE is going to include the iconic space station in the game.

    I mean, the Death Star is one of the hallmark figures in the Star Wars universe and it would be a shame if the game developers would not include it, right?

    Well, the publisher of the game, Electronic Arts or EA for short, has released a new trailer featuring the new Death Star DLC update.

    The trailer was short but it featured the Death Star and some star pilots that waged war on the Imperial army via a space battle.

    Of course, the game will feature some space battle at some point and it may be included in the upcoming DLC update.

    Aside from the Death Star, the DLC update will also tag along one of the most iconic characters of the original Star Wars saga: Chewbacca!

    Han Solo’s trusty sidekick will also be joining the fray as a playable character. It would be interesting to see Chewy wielding his trusty bow gun, shooting at enemies while roaring his iconic “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

    The new Death Star DLC update will also feature new maps, new Star Cards, and new weapons as well. We will have to wait a little longer to know the full features of the Death Star DLC update as there is still no patch notes yet as of the time of writing.

    And lastly, DICE is also set to release a single-player, offline mode. Think of this as a mode where you can practice your skills by battling some AI opponents.

    This is great as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, another popular FPS shooter, has this feature and it is perfect for people who want to hone their skills first before entering the multiplayer arena.

    I don’t know if this feature will be bundled with the DLC update or if this feature will be released prior to that; we will have to wait and see.

    The new Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star update will be released sometime in September 2016.

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