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what is it

  • Star Wars: Battlefront has been released nearly a year ago and it was a massive success; although, the population of the game has since been slowly declining.

    I think, you could attribute it to the fact that Blizzard’s Overwatch is now the first-person genre’s poster child.

    Anyway, Star Wars: Battlefront has had a lot of interesting pieces. You can play as iconic characters and a lot of Star Wars fans really love this hoverboard skate.

    The game’s developer, DICE, has not added some definitive DLC content that would entice a massive pool of Star Wars fans, though.

    That will probably change in the near future as DICE and EA has unveiled a new DLC content that will feature the iconic Death Star.

    For the people who do not know, the Death Star is a space installation that sports a massive weapon and can house the Imperial fleet without any problems.

    And no, we’re not talking only about a hundred imperial soldiers; we are talking about thousands of them in the Death Star.

    Since the game’s launch, a lot of fans were wondering if DICE is going to include the iconic space station in the game.

    I mean, the Death Star is one of the hallmark figures in the Star Wars universe and it would be a shame if the game developers would not include it, right?

    Well, the publisher of the game, Electronic Arts or EA for short, has released a new trailer featuring the new Death Star DLC update.

    The trailer was short but it featured the Death Star and some star pilots that waged war on the Imperial army via a space battle.

    Of course, the game will feature some space battle at some point and it may be included in the upcoming DLC update.

    Aside from the Death Star, the DLC update will also tag along one of the most iconic characters of the original Star Wars saga: Chewbacca!

    Han Solo’s trusty sidekick will also be joining the fray as a playable character. It would be interesting to see Chewy wielding his trusty bow gun, shooting at enemies while roaring his iconic “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

    The new Death Star DLC update will also feature new maps, new Star Cards, and new weapons as well. We will have to wait a little longer to know the full features of the Death Star DLC update as there is still no patch notes yet as of the time of writing.

    And lastly, DICE is also set to release a single-player, offline mode. Think of this as a mode where you can practice your skills by battling some AI opponents.

    This is great as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, another popular FPS shooter, has this feature and it is perfect for people who want to hone their skills first before entering the multiplayer arena.

    I don’t know if this feature will be bundled with the DLC update or if this feature will be released prior to that; we will have to wait and see.

    The new Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star update will be released sometime in September 2016.

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  • If you have a Nintendo 3DS and you do not have an R4 3DS card, you are missing out on a lot of things.
    You see, when you want to play on your Nintendo 3DS, you will need to use physical game cartridges. Although it is good and all, it can be problematic, especially since you are going to have to carry around with you a plethora of games.
    Now, if you are going to buy an R4 3DS card, you will not only have the features it can bring but it also allows you to play multiple games via one convenient platform.
    R4 3DS cards can make use of ROM files; files that are digital copies of the original Nintendo 3DS game.
    If you do not know how to make use of this feature, then I will tell you how in this article. Note that you need to have an R4 3DS card for this.
    There are many R4 3DS cards on the market but in this article, I will talk specifically about the Sky3DS Plus. All of the instructions here should be the same or, at least, identical in some regard.
    So, without further ado, here are the things you need to do in order to play a lot of games on your Nintendo 3DS using the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS card:
    1. The first thing you need to do is format your microSD card. To do this, plug your microSD card into the card reader that comes with the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS card. Next, plug it into your computer.
    2. Once your computer recognizes the microSD card, right-click on it and then select “Format”. On the drop-down menu, select “FAT32”, and then click Format. The formatting process should take only less than 10 seconds.
    3. After the formatting process is finished, you can then download your favorite Nintendo 3DS games on the internet.
    4. If you do not know where to download, ROMnation is a good choice. It has a lot of Nintendo 3DS games and they are sorted via alphabetical order for easy perusal.
    5. Once you’ve downloaded your favorite game ROMs, you can then put them on your microSD card.
    6. After copying the files to your microSD card, plug it into your Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS card and insert it on the Nintendo 3DS.
    7. Power on your Nintendo 3DS and then just go to the folder where you put the ROM files and then play from there. That’s it!
    There you have it. All of the instructions are quick and easy and it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to do the entire thing.
    Although these instructions make use of the Sky3DS Plus R4 3DS card, the instructions should work on all other R4 3DS cards without any problems.
    So, if you have a Nintendo 3DS portable game console and you want to play a lot of games in it, be sure to get an R4 3DS card.

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  • Back in the early days of Nintendo, they released a franchise called the “Star Fox series”. These games are headed by Fox McCloud, a highly-trained ace pilot that is set to protect the galaxy.

    One of the popular games in the franchise is the Star Fox 64 Game for the Nintendo64. I will talk more about this game in this article.

    The story of the game begins when Andross, the game’s main antagonist, was driven to madness. Because of this, he nearly destroyed a planet using his biological weapons.

    Due to Andross’ actions, General Pepper commanded that he be exiled to a remote planet called “Venom”.

    Andross was silent for five years but after that period, there is a strange activity that was found on the planet.

    General Pepper then assigned the original Star Fox team, headed by Fox McCloud’s father, James McCloud, to investigate what’s going on in the planet where Andross is being exiled. James is accompanied by Peppy the Hare and Pigma Dengar.

    Upon their arrival on the planet, Dengar betrays James and Peppy, prompting them to be captured by Andross.

    Peppy was able to escape Andross but she leaves James McCloud behind because she cannot find the means to release him.

    In his last moments, James wants Peppy to tell his son, Fox McCloud, about his fate and that he is proud of him.

    A few years have passed and Andross is already carrying out his plan to rule the Lylat Systems. General Pepper then assigned the new Star Fox team consisting of Fox McCloud, Peppy the Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi.

    Their mission is to go to the different planets in the Lylat Systems and stop Andross’ Henchmen. In fact, Andross also employed the aid of Fox McCloud’s nemesis, Star Wolf.

    After defeating Andross Henchmen, Starfox and his team went to Venom to see Andross and to put a stop to his evildoing.

    Star Fox 64 Game for the Nintendo64 is a 3D Shooting game featuring Fox McCloud and his Starfox team.

    Most of the time, Fox will be in his trusty ship called the “Arwing”. During his time in the Arwing, players are presented in a corridor-like interface wherein you can control the Arwing and navigate it towards the end point of the corridor.

    In the “Corridor Mode”, players will have to reach the finish line by also maneuvering the Arwing and dodging any obstacle that comes in your way.

    If there are enemies present in the scene, you can also deflect enemy fire by using the Arwing’s “Barrel Roll” ability in which the Arwing will roll forward immediately to avoid getting hit.

    During the course of the game, there are certain power-ups that you can get. Some of these power-ups are smart bombs, shields, wing repairs, and laser upgrades.

    Also, on a certain level, there are three golden rings that you can get. If you are successful in getting the three rings that are present in that level, the Arwing’s shield gauge will increase by a bit.

    Join Fox McCloud and his crew to stop Andross and his evil plans. The Star Fox 64 Game for the Nintendo64 is a great and enjoyable game for all ages.

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